Kevin's credo #62
Stamina. An athlete trains their body, mind and spirit to endure all the physical elements to perform at the highest level to attain their goal.

Stamina. A runner conquers a crest only to discover there are several more pinnacles to seize in their race.

Stamina. An athlete takes care of their body. They work it, tone it, and condition it. This is their instrument.

Stamina. Repetition is the mother of learning.

Stamina. I am an athlete of the heart. I tell stories to elicit emotions, to evoke a response.

Stamina. All the training, pursuing and discipline it takes to stay in the race require stamina, patience, and the ability to be kind to my mind, body and spirit.

Stamina. For an athlete, for an artist, there is no tangible finish line, no trophy or award that will prove the self worth of their hard work. The reward, the excitement is within the race itself, the process, the discoveries, and the ability to keep pushing forward when you don’t know where your next breath will come from.

~Kevin Lasit
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