Spring Tour and the Spring Concerts
The school year has been flying by at rapid speed and I can't believe we're getting ready for our spring tour and the spring concerts... before you know it we'll be kicking it at the beach and camping with our kids.  Summer vacation is right around the corner.  Needless to say, things are in constant motion with the high school choir program and we just wrapped up two more events:  Cougar Idol and the spaghetti feed concert, Le Jazz Hot.  Yes... I cooked the spaghetti sauce for over two hundred people! March.... I LOVE March!  My son's birthday and my wife's!  So much to celebrate... 3/10 I will be attending the annual SCBWI convention in Davis and this year I am taking advantage of what the conference has to offer.  I am having written reviews from the established writing team of Judith Ross Enderle and Stephanie Jacob Gordon from Writers Ink.  I am also signed up for a one on one meeting with children's book writer Esther Hershenhorn and we’ll be discussing career planning.  Other incredible speakers throughout the day are:
  • Joy Allen - Illustrator
  • Jeff Jackson - Animator, illustrator and storyboard artist
  • Sara Gillingham - Head of Children's Design department at Chronicle Books in SF
  • Esther Hershenhorn - Children's book author
  • Jennifer Jaeger - Agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency
  • Jo S. Kittinger - Author
  • Patricia Newman - Author
  • Timothy Travaglini - Senior Editor at G.P. Putnam's Sons
...whew!  I am so excited to learn even more and talk with other writers and artists.  ~write on!
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