Valentine's Day

I know not everyone enjoys Valentine's Day, but I sure do!  I have a lot of love in my life and I am so thankful for it and I celebrate it everyday not just on Valentine's Day.  For those folks out there who don't enjoy it try celebrating other loves in your life:  love of yourself, family, friends, your dreams... you can love just about anything, so VD doesn't have to only be for lovers. 

As for my first draft deadline....  I still have one more Act to write and then the first draft will be complete.  I have no worries about not finishing it.  It's done in my mind and now I just need to make more time at the desk to finish Act 3.   

The writing experience for this screenplay has been different than the last one I wrote and I find that so interesting.  On Boys' Day Out I had a lot of desk time and that's how I found the story, in addition to my outline and treatment, but on this new story, I have found I have had less desk time, but a lot of thinking time and imagination time.  Then when I sit at the desk to write it just pours out really quickly.  The writing process is truly amazing. 

I'm not giving myself another deadline, but I can say I'll most likely have a working first draft by late March or mid April depending on how much time I can spend at the keyboard. 


-as for now.... write on my friends!


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