Lot's going on in February!

Lot's going on in February!  I am in the process of creating choreography for three medleys:  RENT, Grease, and Mamma Mia for the upcoming spring concert and tour to San Diego.  I'm also making tons of phone calls to vendors regarding our Le Jazz Hot spaghetti feed concert where I feed up to 250 to 300 people.  That event is on 3/1, so I have lots to do.With so many events going on at the high school I don't know if I will make my 2/14 deadline for the first draft of my latest screenplay.  This would normally upset me, however, the story is still moving forward and I am extremely pleased with the work and I truly can see the difference within my writing since I have taken so many classes.  So we'll see where I'm at on 2/14... who knows, I just might be able to knock it out even with all the other things I am doing. 

Other writing news: 

The first meeting between Challenge Day and Harpo Productions is now set for 2/7.  That's right, next Wednesday.  I have no idea how this will turn out and I am not attached to any outcome.  Oprah has expressed much interest with continuing to work with Challenge Day and Yvonne and Rich have many ideas to present to them including my movie and TV series spin off idea.Whatever happens after 2/7 is out of my hands, but all I have to say is when I pitched the movie to Yvonne, Rich and their staff it was so emotional and inspirational.  It's validating as a writer when people connect to your story and see it with you.  They were in tears.  Remember, I am also an actor, so when I pitched I also performed four scenes from the movie and those scenes are definitely movie moments showing the emotional journey of and tone of the film.

The outline for the screenplay is complete and it's up next on my project list.   I believe in this movie with all my soul.  It’s been sitting in me for the last five to six years and I know it will be made.  It would be so great if a company like Harpo could back it up because the content of the film is right on point with what Oprah and Challenge Day believe in. 

So we'll see what happens. 

~Write on!


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