Ahh, I just love this time of year

Ahh, I just love this time of year... spring in just a hop, skip and jump away, the jasmine in my backyard is going to bloom, The Golden Globes, The SAG Awards and Oscars are in the air and this year I actually was able to get out and take advantage of my SAG CARD and see all the nominated movies for free and to top it off, today I received in the mail two DVD's, The DEPARTED and VENUS, compliments of Warner Bros. Pictures and Miramax Films.  Ahh yes... free movies!  I love it.   Thank you Warner Bros. and Miramax!!   (At least my SAG CARD is good for something LOL!). 

Little Miss Sunshine got my vote for outstanding performance by a cast of a motion picture!  Michael Arndt... YOU ROCK!  You gave the actors so much to work with!

Lots going on: Editing the Winter Concert for the high school, choreography for the Spring Concert and the tour, re-writing picture books, getting lots of reject letters in the mail, still pounding the key board and dry erase board with this new screenplay. It's so difficult to stay motivated when so many reject letters keep coming in.

Here's to the good fight~

Write on my friends.... write on!

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