The SCBWI Workshop

Okay my writing friends, I just returned from the SCBWI Workshop in Davis, CA...  my mind and soul are fueled with inspiration once again.  At times, I feel like I am writing in my own silo, alone with my character's voices echoing throughout my mind and when I have moments of "The Writer's Blues," I get in my head, hearing that negative voice whisper, "Why are you doing this, no one cares about what you have to say to the world."  BUT... going to an event like this, where I get to hear so many talented, wonderful people speak, such as:

  • Kristin Daly, an editor from HarperCollins
  • The Theatrical and Dynamic Erin Dealey
  • Connie Goldsmith
  • Loretta Ichord
  • Linda Joy Singleton
  • Jeri Chase Ferris

...makes me realize I am on the right track.

Events such as these are invaluable to any writer, and I can't express enough how much I appreciate having access to these workshops.  Knowing, that at one point, they too were "unpublished", re-envigorates my passions to continue to do the hard work... to continue to write my stories and someday share them with a community, or hopefully, someday, the world.

Thank you Tekla White (and all the volunteers) for packing these events with so much insight and with people who truly care about what they do.  Tekla, I hope your back feels better soon.

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