I Have Selected my Sessions for Expo 5

Alright, I have selected my sessions for Expo 5!!  I have purchased a Goldpass to ensure I don't miss a thing from the staff of PIXAR.  Here is a list of all my sessions:

  1. Thursday:  "Taking Back Your Career" course #1.  Lunch session with Jim Kouf (Rush Hour, National Treasure).
  2. Friday:  "Sell Your Story in 60 Seconds" with Michael Hauge, "Pitching to Sell:  Engaging the Listener Emotionally" with Karl Iglesias, "The Million Dolloar Moment" with Chris Soth, "It's About Story = 10 Steps to the Perfect Pitch" with Patrick A. Horton, PhD., Guest of Honor:  Oliver Stone.   Lunch session with David Rambo (CSI)
  3. Saturday:  "Writing the Perfect Query Letter" with Leslie Kallen, PIXAR FEST:  "Understanding Story" with Andrew Stanton, "Collabortive Storytelling: The Writer/Director Relationship" with the PIXAR STAFF, "Trust the Process:  A Conversation with Pixar Story Artist" with the PIXAR STAFF, "Creating The Incredibles" with Brad Bird.  Lunch session with Mike Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine), Networking Party at 8pm.
  4. Sunday:  "Hooray for the Bad Guys.  The Mechanics of Conflict & Tension in Screenwriting & Film" with Linda Voorhees, "A Spiritual Path to Greater Power & Purpose in Screenwriting & Film Making" with Derek Rydall.  Lunch Session with William Mac Donald (Witchblade, Rome, The Saint) and Jorge Zamacona (Millenium, Law & Order).

I know... amazing, huh?  (you can pick your jaw up from your keyboard now.... LOL).   I am so excited to learn, network and to be inspired.  Here is a list of sessions I took last year:

  1. Strategies for Writers Out of the Hollywood Loop
  2. High Concept: How to Create and Sell to Hollywood
  3. Mythology in Hollywood: How "The Hero's Journey" Paradigm is Used (and Abused)
  4. Don't Listen to Them: 3 -Act Structure ROCKS
  5. 11 Simple Ways to Write like a Pro
  6. Hero vrs. Villian: The Antagonist Relationship in Suspense Film
  7. Creating Compelling Plots:  Dynamics of Motivation, Intention, and Objective
  8. What to do After it's Written
  9. Writing Horror
  10. Genre Works:  Sci-Fi
  11. Creating the Great Log-Line
  12. Films for Kids and Families:  Tapping into a Burgeoning Market
  13. Inside Script Competitions and Awards

Rob Tobin's Seven Essential Elements of a Successful Screenplay, Paul Gulino's Sequences: The Hidden Structure of Successful Screenplays, Scott Rubenstein's How to Write Your Script and Deduct the Expenses Off Your Tax Return, Jim Mercurio's Killer Endings and Michael Hauge's Grabbing the Reader in the first 10 pages.

I will post a video blog when I return from this incredible event.  If anyone out there is going please send me an email and we can hook up and talk shop.  Until later...

-"write on!"

-Kevin Lasit


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