Today I called William Morris

Today I called William Morris (I know, I know... you're thinking, "What the..? Have you lost your mind?). Here's why: There is no set way to make it in this damn business and you sure as hell can't wait for your agent. I've learned this from my acting career. Okay... William Morris was shooting pretty high, I'll admit that, but they had recently sold a spec for a Sci-Fi/ Family titled They Came From Upstairs. My spec is also a Sci-Fi/Family, so why not try... the answer is already "no." Funny thing though, Casey Mott, Rob Carlson's assistant asked for my log-line, synopsis and bio sheet. He even called me back when I thought he was only brushing me off. Okay, chances are nothing will ever come of this, but the point here is I made it happen and it gives me hope, validation and fire to continue with this passion I have to write stories. (I also sent out a query to the executive producer of They Came From Upstairs, Lisa Ellzey.)

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