Past Projects


Kevin Co-Directed and Choreographed Les Miserables at Newark Memorial High School. He worked along with Melinda Lasit, Vocal Director, Steven Harrington, Executive Director and Artistic Director, and Barbara Williams, Co-Director, and Rob Hoexter, Musical Director. With an opera so vocally demanding they began vocals in October of 2002. The show opened on March 21st and closed on April 5th 2003. "What a labor of love. I had a blast working with the entire production staff as well as the talented students. What a blessing to work with my gifted wife. Newark Memorial had the voices for a show like this due to the work Melinda has been doing for the last eight years. The students sounded amazing, powerful and passionate! Melinda. . . you amaze me and I love you and I had a blast working with you again. Congrats to the entire team that created the magic of Les Mis at NMHS.

AMERICA'S MOST WANTED: I had a Co-Star Role and was the best friend of the criminal. He shot me in the back...ouch!! It was a fun first time with a gunmaster and a stunt choreographer. UPDATE: The criminal was caught on December 30th, 2001. I'm proud to have been a part of the capture of this horrible person.
America's Most WantedAmerica's Most Wanted

ARMY COMMERCIAL: I did an Air Force Commercial that played on Military Cable Stations. I love the hair cut they gave me! Air Force Military Industrial

FOOL FOR LOVE: I performed at the Julia Morgan Theatre in Berkeley. Sam Shepard is my favorite playwright. I was the character Martin. Fool For loveFool For love

Bodywise Logo KAISER PERMANENTE: My first year in the program I did The Bodywise Show which shows to K-5, and it's our Health and Safety Show with full body costumes and puppets (We were trained by Lee Armstrong and Kamela Portuges of Images in Motion, they have worked for Jim Henson Productions.) I got the chance to play all the characters within the season, check them out by clicking on the pictures below.


My second year I was cast in Nightmare on Puberty Street which tours to Middle Schools and Junior High Schools. The show deals with such issues as peer pressure, suicide, fitting in, body changes, and how and why to say "No." The show is filled with hip-hop dancing, singing, and serious and comical acting. It's got everything. Click on the pictures below to see for yourself.

Bodywise Film

Out of all the gig's I have done in the past and the ones yet to come, I know I will always look back and be very proud of the work I have done with the Educational Theatre Programs. It's not just acting...but saving lives. I have seen over three hundred thousand students throughout Northern Cal. Not only have I improved my skills as an actor, I have grown to be a better human being. A BIG THANK YOU to all of ETP!

KNIGHTS VIDEO: This project was so much fun to shoot. It was my first Blue Screen work, and I had a smashing good time with this gig! Knights Video Commercial
Knights Video Commercial

A LIE OF THE MIND: I did my first Sam Shepard play at Cal State East Bay.Lie of the Mind

MIDNIGHT CALLER: I had a Co-Star Role on the episode Planes, directed by Mr. Randy Zisk. Midnight Caller

COMING OF AGE: I had a co-star role in this Independent Feature Film which was entered into the Sundance Film Festival, and the AGLIFF Festival in Austin, TX on August 26, 2001. It was written and directed by Phil Gorn.
The Night Always Wins


1998 to 1999 

12/23/99 - Auditioned for the role of detective Rodriguez in the independent film, An Urban Love Story, written and directed by San Francisco film maker Phil Gorn.

9/3/99 - Completed a voice over promoting the Sega Dreamcast for Knights Video.

8/13/99 - Completed "40" NFL voice over sponsor tags for ESPN/TNT.

6/19/99 - Auditioned for Anna and the King by 20TH Century Fox. Media Casting in Sacramento noticed Kevin's blue screen experience, and called him in. The role is for a body double for actor Randall Duk Kim. If Kevin gets the gig, he will be doing a scene when Randall's character gets shot and falls to the ground. There is also a chance for an upgrade role.

6/10/99 - Completed voice overs for Knights Video and Annabelle Candy.

5/21/99 - Completed 1998-1999 tour of Nightmare on Puberty Street. Also, invited back for another season of touring with Kaiser Permanente's Emmy award winning show Secrets. For more information go to "Current Projects" and scroll down.

12/5/98 - Auditioned for the independent movie Lady Susan. I felt very good about my reading and the director and casting director were very responsive. Project doesn't start production until spring of '99 or summer of '99. I read for Sir James Martin.

11/30/98 - Auditioned for National Campbell's Soup.

11/11/98 - The director of Educational Theatre Programs called me up in October to see if I would be interested in coming back to help them out because one of their new actors decided to leave the program. I agreed. So, I am officially back on tour. This means that my work in industrials, commercials, film and TV will be on hold for a while. Stay tuned for updates and photos from the tour.

10/28/98 -10/29/98 - Completed a live industrial for Promting Healthy Lifestyles For Teens. A UCSF/Kaiser collaboration supported by The California Wellness Foundation.

10/16/98 - Performed Tony and Tina's Wedding. Character - Michael Just (the ex-boyfriend.)

10/9/98 - I was Invited to see Tony and Tina's Wedding. The show was wonderful and afterwards the director, Brain Rardin, spoke with me and three other actors. The four of us are now cast members of Tony 'n Tina's Wedding. Stay tuned for more details.

10/7/98 - Auditioned for Tony and Tina's Wedding.

10/6/98 - Audition for "Compact" industrial at Stars.

10/6/98 - Audition for "" industrial.

10/4/98 - Wrapped up the AFTRA Pac Bell Industrial.

10/2/98 - SAG Industrial for Pac Bell.

9/5/98 - I was on national television again for a replay of America's Most Wanted.

9/1/98 - Audition for a SAG Industrial at Nancy Hayes Casting.

8/26/98 - Signed another one year contract with Stars The Agency.

8/25/98 - Auditioned for Theatre of All Possibilities Children's Touring Company.

7/10/98 - Shot a commercial for The Childrens Hospital of Oakland, for the Rubber Duckie Derby. It should air throughout the Bay Area starting 7/17/98.

6/19/98 - Audition for a Bank of America Industrial.

6/12/98 - Audition for Amoco Gasoline commercial.

5/26/98 - Shot the Aftra gig for the Oracle CD-ROM and Voice Over project.

5/22/98 - Got the Aftra gig for Oracle.

5/20/98 - Audition for an Aftra gig for Oracle.

5/2/98 - Call back for the Independent Movie "This Space Between Us."

4/30/98 - Audition for the Independent Feature Movie "This Space between us."


4/27/98 - Screen Actors Guild meeting in San Francisco.

4/25/98 - Shot a commercial for Saturn of Pleasanton. I was a seedy used car salesman.

4/24/98 - More voice over work for the Knights Video spot. To download the file in an avi format click here. (5.4 MB)

4/17/98 - Voice over audition at my Agents office for "Clif Bar".

4/16/98 - Did voice over work for the Knights Video commercial I filmed last month. I saw the completed product and it looks great! It should air in a few weeks throughout the Bay Area.

4/3/98 - I was on Nash Bridges, but they cut my one line. I still had screen time and an end credit. The gig still served it's purpose...I had fun, it paid scale, and it got me in the Union (SAG).

3/31/98 - KEVIN LASIT WILL BE ON NASH BRIDGES April 3, 1998 9pm on CBS Tune in and watch him ask for "salt and pepper" like no other actor!

3/23/98 - Taped more pick up shots for the Knights Video Games commercial. I had a blast with the blue screen work in this one!


3/17/98 - Taped part two to the KnightsVideo Games commercial. This time I get sucked into the game, Resident Evil 2, and I duke it out with the zombies!!!

3/13/98 - Completed all 25 episodes of The Monkey King. This was a voice over gig I started last Septmeber.

3/1/98 - A big thank you to Ed Hooks for his continued support with my Star Wars Attack Plan. He mentioned my meeting George Lucas in the March issue of Call Board. However, due to some miscommunication between Ed and myself, Ed thought that I sat down with Mr. Lucas one on one at his office when in fact I was introduced and spoke with Mr. Lucas at my agent's annual Christmas party. I did get the opportunity to tell Mr. Lucas all about what I've done, and with his approval, was able to mail him my demo reel directly to his office. I've still heard no word on an audition, but I am very proud that I have got even this far. Thanks again Ed, you rock!

2/27/98 - Two more episodes of The Monkey King complete.

2/27/98 - Audition for a national Sears commercial.

2/26/98 - Other calls from the TBA's General auditions: Teatro Shalom Theatre Co. in S.F. and Bus Barn Theatre in Los Altos. I will be returning their phone calls tomorrow.

2/24/98 - Audition for Waxworks the Musical produced by Network Theatre. They saw me at the Theatre Bay Area auditions (TBA's).

2/20/98 - The Theatre Bay Area General Auditions. This a great audition were 75 directors from theatre house's all throughout the Bay Area come and watch actors strut their stuff. I have three minutes. This year I performed "Barnum" and sung The Museum Song".

2/1/98 - On the cover of Call Board Magazine. (It's an industry magazine that is sold throughout the Bay Area.) It is a photo of me and Katrina LaShea doing a scene from Nightmare on Pubertry Street.

2/1/98 - Spotlighted on my Agents web site for the month of February for signing on with them and landing a role on Nash Bridges.

1/19/98 - Filmed a Nash Bridges episode. I was a Day Player. Stay tuned for air date.

1/16/98 - 1/18/98 - Three more episodes of the Monkey King completed.

1/15/98 - Audition for Nash Bridges (called back for a day player role).

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