Aligning of the Stars

There is something painful and beautiful about pursuing a dream.

The painful is when you follow your passions, prepare yourself for the moment of opportunity, and doors still shut in your face and lock behind you, so it seems.  At times, in the course of my 27 year pursuit, I’ve asked myself, “Why do I do this to myself?  I should just walk away.”

The beautiful part is realizing, time and time again, during those dark times, just how much the dream of doing what you love truly fills your soul; rewarding you with moments that make you feel alive, and you realize that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Since I have never actually quit pursuing my dream, I believe it would be more painful to stop, walk away and live in the land of what if’s.

My dream happens to revolve around the entertainment industry, and my experience is most people who have no idea about what it means to actually pursue a career in the industry often look at a career in the arts in two ways….. #1 if you are not famous…. #2 you must be a failure.  In other words, it’s all about being a “star”, being rich and famous, and hanging around the Hollywood elite. 

I have come to find that there is no black or white to having a career in the arts.  There is a way to live in the gray, never having to live in LA, and accomplishing things on your own terms.

On Monday July 28th, 2014 I had another paradigm shift in my life.  A moment where I felt like the universe opened up and the stars aligned in unification with my dreams.

Recently, I have completed my first indie feature film back2one.  The movie is entirely made up of my acting students.  I assembled a very small team of local artists who shared the same passion for movies, and we set out to make our own with very little resources.

To watch the film with everyone who helped me attain this dream brought forth indescribable feelings of overwhelming pride, joy, and a sense of peace and love.  We all did it.  Everyone who said “yes” to me jumped into this crazy dream of making a feature film. 

It was a powerful evening and even though the film is full of imperfections… the experience of observing the film together as a community was breathtaking.  I watched from the balcony, and as I looked down in the dimly lit hall, watching all the shadowy heads of my friends, my students looking up at a huge screen cheering, laughing, crying and supporting each other as the story progressed to the end credits was like watching a World Series.

What a sense of accomplishment.  We did it. 

What a gift it was for me and everyone involved.

Another surprise was when Oscar Winning actor Chris Cooper and his lovely wife Marianne Leone Cooper from the Sopranos walked in and sat among my students to watch my first feature indie film… to watch all my students follow their dreams. 

Again, there are no words to describe the energy in the hall, but electric comes to mind.

And from this experience, I am reminded once again that the end result is never the reward… the gifts come from doing, getting off one’s butt and doing the hard work of pursing a dream…. And dream.

That in itself is the reward and everything else is just icing on the cake.

I did not write a movie and ask over 100 people to get involved in hopes that Chris Cooper and his wife would come to our premiere.  I wrote it with the intention of having a showcase for everyone involved, a living and breathing resume if you will.
Another major alignment happened that same day, but I cannot talk about it at this time, but just know, I am currently in negotiations for my next project, but how fortuitous the timing was. 

So what can I say?

My mind is totally blown away, and I am so proud of all my students as they continue to get work in movies that come to MA, and cheering them on for the work they do in class which led to us making our first feature film.

I am proud to say I just don’t teach acting classes for film and TV…. I also make movies for them, and I cannot wait until the next one.

Rock on Lasit Talent and thank you all for saying yes!


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