Hello Summer of 2014

I am feeling beyond proud at this moment in my life and creative life.


This July 3rd I will be celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary to my Lovely Porcelain Doll, Melinda.  Our son was recently promoted to the ninth grade and our daughter is now in 7th grade.  My marriage is strong, and the family I have always dreamed about is a reality.


As I look back on the past year, and all the projects I have facilitated, a huge smile grows across my face. 


Creativity abounds. 


My wife and I teach a show choir, and we took the group on a tour to New York and they performed a piece from Ragtime – the Musical, and won First Place with an excellent rating.   My wife taught all the vocals, and I staged and choreographed the piece. 


Within one year, I directed, produced and choreographed West Side Story, and Guys and Dolls for Sandwich High School’s drama club, Knights Theatre Company.  I also directed and produced Night of the Living Dead which broke records with participation numbers of students for a fall show, and also to audiences as large as 300, and a nice profit as well! And the students also learned about View Points and how to apply professional makeup. 


I also continue to teach on camera acting classes for film and TV, and to date, I have trained over 3000 actors in New England, and many of them are working in the industry. This year, I am launching a new seminar titled Healing the Broken Art. 


My new company, Wishland Entertainment - LLC, has it’s first indie film premiering this summer, back2one, a drama about a washed up actor struggling to reconcile with his daughter while he realizes he’s missed out on the role of a lifetime ~ the role of a father. This indie film is now entered into film festivals throughout the country:  Rhode Island International Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival in New York, Catalina Film Festival in CA, and the New Hampshire Film Festival in NH.  A huge thank you to my amazing DP and Editor, William Somerby for getting the screeners done. 


In March, I had the opportunity to meet the owners of Komixx from the UK, with my producer Brian Frankish.  We met in Los Angeles, CA to discuss another property of mine titled Wishland.  Long short, the meeting was an inspiring discussion about all the possibilities regarding Wishland.  The two and a half hour meeting ended with a hand shake and an agreement to offer a proposal.    I am still waiting to hear from my entertainment lawyer in Santa Monica, CA.  I’ve never been so proud in my life to have the opportunity to explain what inspired me to write a piece about mortality and my life journey to find the immersive world.


I am getting ready to secure the premiere date for our screening of back2one with our cast and crew.  I hope to hear something soon from the movie theatre about a possible date.  I can’t wait to watch our first indie film with our cast and crew!  Go Lasit Talent!!


So, as you can see, life continues to inspire me, and I continue to create and get the work out there.  I am currently writing two new screenplays, which I plan on directing through Wishalnd Entertainment., LLC.


Here is to another great summer and more great news to come…

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