Writer's Muse

Welcome to my Writer's Muse page!  This is a photo of the studio I had built at my home back in California in 2005.  I wrote many screenplays in this magical studio.


I was introduced to Mr. Brian Frankish in 2009.  He read one of my screenplays, Wishland, and he has been working with me to make this screenplay hit the big screen.   Brain Frankish brought us many amazing films and TV shows over the years.... my personal favorite is Field of Dreams. 


We have been working together since 2009.  Here we are in front of one of Brian's favorite places to eat in Hollywood, Musso and Frank Grill.  It's what Brian calls "Classic Hollywood."


I have flown out to Los Angeles on many occasions to work with Brian.  Here we are in his office back in 2011.


I finally sold my first option as a screenwriter in 2015.   What a great feeling to be an optioned screenwriter!


I was flown out to Los Angeles to work with the entire team on more story notes on March 21st 2016.


Brian Frankish made arrangements for us to meet our director on the lot of DreamWorks Animation.

I was introduced to our director, Mr. Edward James Olmos during this business trip.  Brian had set up a demo for a MO CAP, Motion Capture demo over at DreamWorks Animation so Eddie could try the equipment.  What a great first day for our team!


This photo was taken by Brian Frankish.  I am sitting off camera to the right.  This was taken at our last meeting of the week.  We had a two and a half hour story meeting.  Just another day in screenwriting's Heaven.  In this photo, Mr. Olmos is talking about how much he loves my story and why it works.  Again, another pinch me moment in my life. 


Here I am living my dreams as a working screenwriter.  I am beyond proud that something I wrote has attracted so many amazing and talented people.


This was our table where we had many meetings and discussions about the future of Wishland.


Here I am sitting in Brian's office, where the magic happens!  What can I say?  I'm a lucky man to have had so many of my dreams come true.    I was invited back to LA February 27th through March 1st 2017 for more story meetings.  All I can say right now is the story is tight.  I am looking forward to the remaining two years of this option.  It has been a dream come true to get this far.  Stay tuned for more exciting news as this adventure continues. 

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