Show Choir Company List for 2011 - 2012
The Sandwich High School Show Choir2011-2012 Congratulations!  All of you should be very proud of your audition!  It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that, so thank you all so much for coming out to the auditions! It was wonderful listening to all of you sing, and watching you perform on Friday! We are casting 30 members in the group this year, with 5 on the wait list / understudy list.  Please do not be discouraged if you did not make the group at this time; we may have to use the understudy list if anyone drops or cannot keep up with the commitment.  So in the meantime, keep singing, join chorus in school, and try out again next year!  And please know that this is only the beginning of the Sandwich choral program growing!  We hope to offer more choral opportunities for you in the future.  Our first meeting / rehearsal will be on Sunday, August 28th, so save the date and please keep the entire day and evening open.  We will email all members prior to this first date with more details; we will also be passing out the rehearsal schedule on this day as well, but be prepared that we will meet on either Tuesday/Thursday during the first week of school.

*Please note: all students on the waitlist/understudy list do not have to come to rehearsals/meetings unless you are called to replace someone in the group.  *

Sincerely, Mrs. Lasit and Mr. Lasit

Listed in alphabetical order:

Sarah Archambeault                           Hannah Carrita

Olivia Christian                                   Emily Cronin

Sarah Dorman                                     Katelyn Dyer

Savannah Eastman                              Emma Fitzpatrick

Abby Hanson                                       Zoe Harris

Jed Hazard                                           Cullen Kilduff

MacKenzie Langan                              Abigail LeVangie

Maggie LeVangie                                Connor Mahoney

Shaun McCoy                                       Amy McMahon

Charlie Miller                                       Laura Murphy

Sabrina Nelson                                     John Petty

Abby Reynolds                                     Austin Rindfuss

Mitchell Starr                                       Grace Tanguilig

Rachel Thomas                                    Janell Torrey

Rose Webster                                      Alexandra Wright 

Waitlist/Understudy List

Samantha Petracca                            

Katelyn Noyes                                    

Shauna Joseph                        

Cindy Boulay

Brittany Sacco

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