Actors, like boxers, train hard preparing for the moment.  To be 100% present.  To stay focused.  To never give up.   When we get knocked down and don’t win that audition, we get right back up and train even more.  To become the best we can possibly be.  No one is watching us during our intense training.  We have no audience.  We often fight ourselves, becoming our own formidable opponent through our artistic journey and try hard to remain out of our head and to remain in our heart.  Actors are athletes of the heart.  It is our job to reveal humanity at its best and worst even if the character is nothing like us.  We thrive on the challenge of taking on a role that requires us, demands us to leap outside of our box, our comfort zone, and to take risks, to discover the truth, and to reveal humanity.

Entering the ring, of the show of all shows, is Erica McDermott.  She trained with me as she started her new life adventure as an actor.  She went to an audition with hundreds of others, but stood out.  She took a chance.  She made that leap and took a risk.  Now the rest of the world will see how her choice paid off. 

THE FIGHTER opens nationwide on Friday December 17th, 2010, and all ready, has critical acclaim.  It secured a nomination for best picture in this year’s Golden Globe Awards.  (More to come, I’m sure.)

I feel like Mickey, the coach from another famous boxing movie, standing at the side ring watching proudly.  What will become of all this opportunity?  No one knows, but the most important thing to remember is, it all started because of a “choice”.  A choice Erica made. A choice to follow her dreams.  A choice to take an acting class.  A choice to go to the audition.  A choice to stand out, and a choice that every actor must make “Do I let this casting director pass me by or do I make an impact!”

I say… make an impact actors!  The answer is all ready no.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

So here’s to all my students, not just Erica, she is the ambassador of what we all strive to accomplish, but thank you for reminding us….  that through hard work and determination, dreams do come true.

We’re all ringside chanting your name!

Knock’em out Erica!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the review from the LA TIMES.


-Love Kevin



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