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STUDENTS are full of anticipation as KEVIN LASIT, powers up his laptop.  The white projection screen reveals the title page of his power point presentation –


KEVIN LASIT Screenwriting Seminar

A World of Story


Do you have an idea for a movie?  Have you considered writing a screenplay?  Have you written a screenplay and need more tools to polish your material?  Then sign up for Kevin Lasit’s one day, six hour screenwriting seminar.

A well written script can take time to develop and there’s more to it than just coming up with an interesting idea.  An “idea” does not equate to a full story that has an emotional pull to keep the reader, and the audience wanting more.  Kevin Lasit will give you the tools to organize your thoughts to tell a clear and emotionally impactful story. 

Write with clarity, heart, passion, intention and with screenwriting knowledge.  Learn what the writer's in LA are doing and why it works. 

Kevin Lasit’s Screenwriting Seminar will cover:

·         Why Write?  What do you have to say to our world?

·         Format Basics

·         The Hero’s Journey

·         Structure and understanding the architecture

·         Grabbing the reader in the first ten pages

·         How to pitch a story

·         Log-Lines and synopsis

·         Observation of a movie (following the Hero’s Journey)

·         Q&A (Working lunch)





Time: 9am to 4pm 

Ages:  18 and up

 email Kevin to register:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Kevin Lasit is an optioned screenwriter currently working with filmmaker, Brian Frankish, Edward James Olmos and Komixx Entertainment. He has been involved with the performing arts for 30 years.  Versatility has been the key to his longevity in the industry.   He is an acting coach, a SAGAFTRA actor, choreographer, muralist, screenwriter and director of theatre and film.  Over the years, Lasit has performed and directed for Educational Theatre with Kaiser Permanete in California, a program that has reached millions of students throughout the nation.  He also rewrote two of the touring company’s shows, Nightmare on Puberty Street and Peace Signs which are still touring.  He has placed in the top 12 in screenwriting contests such as The Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays, and made it to the quarter and semi –finals for competitions such as The Creative Screen Writing Magazine, and Cynosure.  He is frequently invited to facilitate his screenwriting seminar at colleges like Boston University and writing clubs such as The Cape Cod Screenwriting Group.  Lasit was also a judge for the Woods Hole Screenwriting Contest.  As a SAGAFTRA actor, Lasit has appeared on national televisions shows, commercials, print-work, voice-overs, industrials and movies.  He wrote and directed his first feature film, back2one which starred over 100 of his acting students.   Many of Lasit’s students can been seen on National Television, movies, independent films, commercials, music videos, Off Broadway and Broadway. 

Mr. Lasit was a reader and judge for the 20th annual Woods Hole Film Festival 2011 screenplay competition.

KEVIN LASIT'S screenplays have placed in the finals, the top 12 in the 2009 Movieguide Competition, the top 700 out of 5,200 in the 2008 Nicholls Competition, and quarter finals in the Cynosure and Creative Screenwriting Competition.

Me and Andrew Stanton writer director of Finding Nemo and Wall*E

Me with Robert McKee screenwriting master

Here's what students have to say about Kevin's Screenwriting Seminar:

(Photo by Maria Green)

“As a recent participant in one of Kevin’s screenwriting workshops , I was able to write in class in five minutes , a great log line for a new script.   Seriously! From class I went home and wrote what I think is a the best log line I’ve ever written for an old script that over the years has had dozens of them posted on InkTip.”

-JMLoring -Founder of the Cape Cod Screenwriting Group

"I couldn't stop smiling all the way home! Thank you, Kevin, for an awesome seminar! I am truly inspired and can't wait to get started! Thanks to David Kirkpatrick as well, for taking time out of his Saturday to speak to us!"

-Jennifer Mahonen

"Hi Kevin, I just wanted to tell you that your presentation and class was top notch.  I enjoyed it so very, very much.  Very thought provoking.  Watched Pray, Eat, Love tonight with a totally different direction. I thank you for your offering.  I have already told several people about your class today and I think you may have a few more students - when is your next class?
Regards and thanks!"


"Great time Saturday.  Very cool to meet David Kirkpatrick as well.  I am still digesting the knowledge from the day.  After I left and starting reviewing my notes my mind went "blue screen" and I had to put it down.  Crazy amount of stuff.  I am already applying it to my movie watching.  I am forever ruined!  LOL.   Till the next time which I hope will be soon.  Stay Inspired"

-Matt Levesque

Hi Kevin,
"I loved your Screenwriting Seminar, I got so much information and inspiration from it.  Of all the screenwriting seminars I've been to, yours was the most informative and inspirational. Your outlining of story structure was excellent and I could follow along with it because you explained each point so well and it was easy for me to understand.  I kept referencing my writing idea and mentally plugging in scenes in my head at each point you described.  I'm all fired up now, you're presentation was so positive - thank you again for sharing your talent!  And Paul, thank you so much for bringing me to Kevin's seminar! 
Have a great day."

-Sheri Taylor

"Hi Kevin, your screenwriting seminar was not only informative and creative but as always, whenever I listen to you speak  from your heart, your words and YOU are truly inspiring!!! I came away from that experience with a whole new way of  watching movies and who knows what the future holds, maybe even a screenplay!:)  What a delightful surprise to listen to one of my Idols, David K:) share his thoughts on the process and his insider tips with us:) Write, Write, Write!!!:) Thanks again! :) xox"

-Maria Green

"Aloha Kevin, you did it again!  What a well informed seminar.  I am so happy to be a part your world, I've gained so much knowledge and wisdom from your classes and seminars.There were subjects that I would never have known if I didn't take your seminar.  So I want to say again, as you say to everyone out there with a story to tell, "Keep Writing and finish it".  Your mystery guest (David Kirkpatrick) was icing on the cake.  I AM INSPIRED!
Thank You so very much Kevin and much Mahalos!"

-John Lindsey

Hi Kevin,
"Just got home and couldn't wait to tell Ray all about the course and what I learned about the Hero's Journey. He said it sounded like I had a great time. I did and I learned a lot!  Now my head is spinning with ideas.   Thank you for putting such great, informative slides together. You gave us a lot to think about. Also thank you for inviting David Kirpatrick. I loved his line that Hollywood was simply "Grown people making make-believe."  That's what I love to do...make-believe!

I plan on building on everything you taught me today. I hope I can still confide in you as I move along this path.  Thanks again and again for believing in me!"
-Karen Slagle

"Every now and then we have ah-ha moments. It's like a good sneeze! It feels good from the inside out. I had an ah-ha moment during the class on loglines.

Kevin, your method of teaching is refreshing. Screenwriting is not easy, but so interesting and fun. You have such a passion for the craft it is inspiring and a gift to be shared. It all begins with the first word. Thank you for sharing your talent and appreciation of the written word."

Best regards,

-Sandra Bolton

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