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Kiss the summer of 2010 goodbye! And what a summer it has been.  My directing gig with Rock Entertainment was hard work, but so much fun, and we met our goal of our first deliverary of 100 videos which our team put together in about four weeks.  I learned so much from directing the 100 educational videos, and look forward to more projects down the pipeline.    What I’m most proud of with this project… creating systems that work, and with any project, you discover those systems as you move forward.  Our team did amazing work meeting the goals of the client.  Once our videos are launched on their website, I will give an update.  Below is a silly photo of me as Ringo.  That's right, I did double duty as director AND actor. 



Rock Entertainment 2010

I also held a Show Choir Camp with my lovely wife.  My wife is an amazing choir teacher, and the kids love her.  She instructed all the vocals, and I did all the choreography with 42 children.  We are so proud of the entire group for working so hard for us, and we were amazed with the quality they performed considering we only had two weeks to accomplish the performance piece.  (Heck, I’ve seen some productions that rehearse for months, or a half a year, and it looks thrown together.)  We worked those kids hard and it paid off.  Congratulations to our summer camp show choir!

Our Summer Show Choir


Another gig I had this summer was to help create and direct two students from Plymouth public Schools with an inspiring opening video and motivational speech.     The video that PCIS created was based off one of my personal videos, “I Believe,” which you can see on my homepage of this website.  The speech was part of superintendant, Gary Maestas, welcome back meeting to his staff of teachers, administration, and Plymouth Public School employees.  Over a thousand staff members attended this event.  I started working with the kids in July, and with my direction and assistance, we created the speech.   From that point, I began to shape and direct the two students to make it an impactful keynote presentation.   I couldn’t be more proud of Lili Collins and Cameron Smith for their performance.  They were amazing and inspiring to watch, and it was such an honor to work with them.   As I stood there watching them present the speech, I felt so proud.  They worked so hard with me since July, and they were so prepared.  Way to go!  You inspired the entire audience, and you should be proud.  I’m sure people will be talking about this with Gary Maestas for years to come.  (Note:  If any other school would like me to assist you in creating your own "I Believe" project, send me an email and I would be happy to work with you.)

Cam Smith, Kevin Lasit, Lili Collins, Doug Maccaferri

Here is the video clip of the presentation courtesy of Plymouth Schools.

Other news:  I have started writing another screenplay.  It’s a sequel to Wishland, and I am very excited to continue to build on my immersive world expanding on themes and characters.  Other exciting news continues to surround this franchise, but I can’t say too much at this point.  I hope to have more clarity in the months to come.  Until then, I continue to write and dream.

I also had my first professional audition in this state for the new TV series Body of Proof premiering on ABC this fall.  I didn’t win the role, but the exciting thing is more opportunities are coming to our beautiful state of MA which means more future chances of auditions for future episodes for all of us.

My next session of on camera acting classes start Monday, September 20th.  My winter session starts November 8th , and I have a few more slots open in the 4pm to 6pm class if anyone is interested.  Also, I will be launching a new screenwriting workshop in February 2011, so if you are interested in screenwriting, let me know now and I can put you on the waitlist.  Stay tuned!

That’s all for now.  Remain inspired!



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