Erica McDermott in The Figher


Erica McDermott
(Commercial class Tuesday night,   wave 2)

Shorty after taking my commercial acting lab, Erica had the opportunity to audition for The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg.  Now the unique thing about her opportunity is that it was for a speaking role… that’s right… a Featured Player.  Not a Day Player, but featured.   Erica is registered with several local casting companies, and Boston Casting sent her a notice which she responded to and went to the first open call.  She stood out from the rest and was invited back for a few more callbacks, and she kept me posted with every step of the way, and when she felt nervous, she fell back on her training to help relax and focus like a true “Athlete of the Heart.”  Erica… what can I say,  I wish this type of success for all my students and my hat goes off to you for nailing your first major motion picture speaking role!  Welcome to the union!  Here’s the email Erica sent me to confirm her first professional gig.


It's official Kevin!!

I will be playing "Cindy" in The Fighter 2011. Cindy is one of Irish Micky Ward's (Mark Wahlberg) and Dickie Ecklund's (Christian Bale's) Sisters. Our Mother, Alice, will be played by Melissa Leo. My first fight will be with Amy Adams from Enchanted. I have a ton of lines and couldn't be more excited!!  I will be filming for 6 weeks starting July 14th ending August 24th.

I can't thank you enough for all of your time, advice and support. Plymouth Rock Studios sure picked the right guy to come here and get the job done! I do believe that the Actors Lab that you’re teaching prepared me for my audition, and brought out confidence that was deep within!! I STILL want in this Fall for Advanced Labs!!! Don't forget to send me the info when it's time!!

HUGE HUGS and High Fives
Erica McDermott

Way to go Erica!  Stories like this really help keep the dream alive for so many others.  You are a true inspiration.  Thank YOU for your capacity to be so vulnerable for the camera, and I can’t wait to see you duke it out with Amy Adams.


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