Kevin's Hero's Journey Continues

Happy New Year!  It’s only the first of January, and I already have some exciting news to share.  As many of you know, my family has made a huge leap of faith in September of 2008 moving to Cape Cod, MA leaving our family, friends, and everything we know and love about California, including our work, behind in hopes to secure a better community, safer schools, and stronger education for our children.  My wife is originally from the East Coast, and it was always her dream to someday live in Cape Cod, so we assessed the quality of our lives in CA and the future of our children, and we decided to make the move happen now, so we can enjoy the Cape with our young children.  So far, mission accomplished, concerning our children.  We are thrilled!  Our neighborhood is safe and full of children that ride the bus and go to school with our children.  They are in a K-8 school and will grow with the faculty and have a sense of history and connection with them.


Many people ask us, “When you moved, did you secure jobs?” And the answer is no.  We primarily focused on a strong school district, a good neighborhood, and we prayed to the Lord above to provide the opportunity for work which we are passionate about.  


I am happy to announce I am now working with Plymouth Rock Studios as the consultant for the Film/TV Acting forums and Labs.  Long story short, I have been networking with the studio since June when they launched their website and I am proud member number 304 (I think).  Let me just say this, this entire new life journey has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from moments of complete and utter despair, and at the same time, moments of complete and utter clarity (more clarity than despair).  It may seem this new job opportunity has just popped up “over night,” but in fact, it has taken me over twenty years of pursuing my passions to reach this level in my career.  I truly believe everything in my life journey has lead me to this moment in time, and I am so honored and thrilled to be working with David Kirkpatrick, Kate Ayson, and the rest of the team.  I am so excited about the future and all the events we are planning for the New Year.  My first assignment is to assist with the creation of the Actors' Forums which we will launch in February.  This will be a large seminar focusing on acting jobs that will be available at the new studio.  I will facilitate this Actors' Forum which will accommodate up to four or five hundred people, and then I will follow up with a series of Actor’s Labs starting sometime in March.  Stay tuned for more updates.


~Write on,

Kevin Lasit – Acting Coach for Plymouth Rock Studios


Here’s to making more dreams come true in 2009!!


Thank you David Kirkpatrick and Kate Ayson. 

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