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Here are a few shots from the Clorox gig I did in September.  This was my last California gig (for now at least).  The Clorox Corporation is using the images for their annual report; however, they have the right to use my image in any market for the next five years.  Don’t be surprised if you see me in a magazine holding a bag of Kingsford.  This was a great gig and I had a lot of fun with the crew and other talent.  Enjoy.


My summer was amazing and so productive.  It’s the season of putting words into action and rejuvenation and that is exactly what this summer has been on many levels.  As you can see by my home page, I have new headshots.  I was way over due for new headshots, and I am so pleased with the results.

Wishland, my fourth screenplay, made it to the top 15% in the Nicholls Competition right before it was cut for the Quarter Finals.  What does that exactly mean you ask?  Well, it means I survived three readings and made the top 700 out of 5,224 scripts.  It would have been nice to make the quarter finals, and at the same time, making the top 700, isn’t bad either. 

The Nicholls is the most sought after competition out there and attracts the most talented writers from all over the world, so making it into the top 700 right before the quarter finals is good news to me.  I’d like to thank Greg Beal for the little note of encouragement on my rejection letter.  I wouldn’t have known I made the top 15% if it weren’t for that gem of a note, and every writer out there knows exactly what I mean when I say “gem.”  We need words of encouragement like that to continue our quest to tell stories.  It’s rare when competitions actually share the evaluation score sheets with all the entries, so any extra hand written note is worth its weight in gold.

What else is going on you ask?  I helped to take care of my Mother-In-Law after her hip surgery, teaching a few private acting lessons, a Disneyland trip with the family, the Pleasanton County Fair, several trips to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Monterey, Camping at Bodega Bay Dunes, The Winchester Mystery House, BBQ’s and beach bon-fires with good friends,  and the Clorox Print Gig.   Yes, this summer has been amazing.

OTHER BIG NEWS - Life-update:  The East Coast is calling -

We have moved to Cape Cod, MA.  That’s right.  It’s been a bitter sweet decision, but in our heart of hearts, we know we are doing what’s best for our children’s future and we are giving them more opportunities.  There are many reasons why we have decided to move, but it all boils down to the quality of life and our journey together as a family.  We believe it’s so important to have our children understand the world is larger than where we used to live and work and we want them to thrive in a community and environment which compliments our desires and passions. 

This may seem like it sprung up out of nowhere, when in fact, we have been researching this adventure for the last four years.  The most difficult thing about moving so far away is, of course, our families and friends in CA.  The good news is, we will be visiting every other year, and now all of our families and friends have a place to crash on Cape Cod.  Just give us a heads up, and we’ll definitely have the room. 

I will still be pursuing my writing career from the East Coast, as well as my acting, and directing career.  My wife will still teach.  Our kids will participate in dance, sports, and take acting classes with their daddy.  Most important, we are making time with our children more of a priority, instead of dragging them to our rehearsals with the choir or to our concerts.  Now it’s time for the little Lasit’s to shine and share their gifts.

Stay tuned for a video blog about our move and the progress with our new life adventure.  (Give me a few months to settle in at the Cape.)

Write on ~

Kevin Lasit

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