Passion. That's my P word. "Adults look at colors, yet do not see them. Adults perceive shapes, yet do not understand their speech. Adults live in light and from light, yet do not notice it at all. Adults cast long shadows, yet do not play with them. Adults take up much (indeed too much) space, yet never just for once marvel at it spaciousness. Adults look at the world with closed eyes. This is why space shrinks, shadows die, light darkens, colors fade, and shapes fall silent. Children are different. Children, with eyes wide open, gaze out at the world and marvel at things. Children play with colors and with shapes. Their play blows away the dust from the faded colors and returns to them the sheen with which they were born. Play brings to life new shapes, unseen and unheard before, fresh in their beauty."

~ Boris Novak, in celebrating International Children's Reading Day in 1997

Passion is in every aspect of my life.  Because I choose to live this way, passion is also evident in my work as an actor, director, choreographer, and writer.  I see the world through emotion and passion with the desire to connect with others through my humanity. 

~ Kevin Lasit – write on

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