Life is about moments…


Life is about choices…


We must continue to make choices that bring sincere moments into our lives.

Today we took down all of our Christmas decorations.  We had a wonderful holiday season once again.  My wife started with the tree, and I went outside to remove all the lights and the inflatable train with Santa.  As I coiled up the rainbow strand of lights, I began to reflect on this past year and I suddenly was overwhelmed with so many wonderful moments I have had with my family.

Life is nothing more than moments connected together through the love we share with our family and friends.   Every year my wife and I ask ourselves, what do we need more of?  What do we need less of in order to get the most sincere moments from life?   In the last few years, we have made some major choices, some more difficult than others, in order to make the most out of our journey as a family. 

We never know if the choices/decisions we make will always work out for the best, but what I can tell you is this - our life together as a family is “drama free,” our children know they are loved by both of us, our work together with the high school choral program continues to flourish, but doesn’t consume our lives, and more importantly, does not define who we are, and our house is definitely a home full of love.

So here’s to another new year to make more choices, another opportunity to create more sincere moments.  It’s so important to make moments, to make choices, to fill our lives with as much consistency as possible because we all know just how inconsistent the world can be and is.

I am excited about this New Year, and I have many choices that lie before me.  My only wish is that the choices I make… the choices my wife and I make together will crown us with more beauty, simplicity, love, insight… and unforgettable moments.


Happy New Year to you all.


~Write on... oh, and Thank God for David Letterman


Kevin Lasit

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