The Sun Goes Down on Another Summer

Summer has come to an end <sigh>, but we had another great one.  The most important thing was spending lots of time with our family, just getting out there and exploring life, and making beautiful memories for our children.

Movie-wise ~ Well, box office numbers are up this summer and studios are happy with how much money they are making compared to last summer, but in my opinion, money doesn’t equate to quality.  I’m sorry, but I feel this summer was bleak and dismal with over-crowded villains, too much spectacle, not enough thought, and beloved characters that spat out convoluted dialogue in order to make a connection with its other two sequels.  The only movies I thought were worthy of summertime fun status were: Transformers and Die Hard, but what’s missing for me is that thrill, that sense of “Wow factor,” that sense that tells me I have got to see this again… and again and again and again.  Great special effects are one thing, but great special effects and a great story are another. 

The most creative and intriguing independent movie this summer was ONCE.  The creators of this magical film really care about it and it shows with every shot, every line, and every song that comes out of the actor’s mouths. It’s been too long since I have seen this kind of care and passion for a project.

I grew up with the magic of Jim Henson, a true artist who took great pride and care of everything he touched.  Still to this day, when you watch anything from Jim Henson you can tell his passion took care of the projects he worked on.  I grew up with movies like the Back to the Future trilogy, Taps, Escape from Witch Mountain, Breaking Away, The Princess Bride, E.T., The Never Ending Story, the original Star Wars, Raiders of The Lost Ark, John Carpenter’s Star Man, They Live, The Thing, Escape from New York, and Halloween.  All these movies are from different genres, but they all share a common thread, the ability to leave an impact and take me to a different world.  Most movies today ~ I’m always aware that I am watching a movie and I never leave my seat and jump right into the story full heartedly.  So what’s wrong?  I think it’s too much spectacle, too much getting wrapped up into the complexity of an idea and not enough focusing on the solid elements of a simple, good story, studios not being brave enough to take a chance on new talent with new ideas.  They want what I coined ~ the “Fast Food Franchise,” and now Hollywood has come up with a new term for its complacency ~ reboot or re-imagined.  I have an idea, why not leave the classics alone and start creating some new magic, or go back and re-make all the horrible movies.

Yeah, so this summer, I enjoyed only a handful of movies like, Ratatouille, Transformers, Die Hard, ONCE, Hairspray, and Stardust, but even with all those, the only one that really took me to a different world was ONCE.  My kids also loved Surf’s Up. 

So what’s up with me this month?  <LOL> My birthday is coming at the end of the month, and we are going to Lake Tahoe with family to celebrate.  I should hear something by mid September if my latest screenplay made it to the quarter finals in this year’s Expo Competition.  I am currently pounding the keyboard with a new screenplay and I hope to have a first draft by December.

Expo Thoughts ~ I am very proud of my entry this year, and I entered the best script possible.  A total of seven drafts, a professional read through, and I completed the script two weeks ahead of schedule.  What more could I do?  The story is what it is. With each script I complete, I only get stronger as a story teller and the architecture becomes clearer to me.  A contest does not define me, my career does not define me… my family does.  What I hope to attain this year from the contest is more validation that I am on the right path in my new career.  I have a new favorite word and that word is “Intension.”  With everything I approach and do within my life I always ask, “What is my intension?”  Or I ask, “What is their intension?”

My intension with my writing is pure and simple… I truly believe with all my heart I have something to say to the world in which I live in, and I feel the world is ready to listen.  I live because I breathe, I love because I am loved, I tell stories to show our shared humanity.   That is why I am compelled to write.  

~Write on, Kevin Lasit

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