Incredible Summer Vacation
What an incredible summer vacation, and we still have about three weeks left before school starts up again.  I filmed a national Verizon commercial on July 26 with John Madden.  Look for it this Fall when football season starts.  You'll see an African American actor BBQing, and Madden says,  "Hit the bag!"  In the back ground, you might see me playing flag football.  Oh yeah Baby!  It was a SAG gig, and we all had a great time on the day long shoot.  

As far as my writing, I was turned down by Cavalari and Associates, but the good news is The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency in LA has requested my latest spec script and is giving it a read.  I really have no worries because I'm so proud.  I'm at this stage where I can now send out material and I feel my work is stronger since I have taken all the workshops and seminars regarding screenwriting.  Who knows how long I'll be in the reject stage, but I've strapped myself in, and I am prepared for the long journey.  UPDATE 8/10/07: The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency has passed on the script.  <sigh>  Considering I have only sent out twenty queries and two agents requested my material I'd say that was pretty good.  It's better to be read than not being read.  Of course it would be nice if one would appreciate my style.  I really believe I'm at the point where taste is a major factor.  This is pretty standard when seeking out representation for anything and the most important thing is to never give up.

In the meantime, I am continuing to build my body of work and living a life well lived.  It's been such a wonderful feeling to have at least two agents request my work this summer.  That says something.  My newest screenplay is coming along as well, but it looks like my first draft might be complete sometime in late November or December now.  I've been enjoying my summer too much!  LOL!  
One of the highlights this summer was meeting my first Cousin, Doug Lasit, and his beautiful family.  This was the very first time we ever met (long story).  It’s so nice to know other Lasit’s are in the world, and they are doing amazing work with young people and making a positive impact.  So Cousin Doug, we can’t wait to see you and your family again!   Here's to BBQ's, family, and nights by the fire at the beach! 

~ Kevin
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