Back On a "Hot Set"

It’s April!!   Lot’s going on.  I  shot a national commercial for Dodge on March 26th.  I was a featured extra and I may even get some coverage.  You never know with these things.  It sure was nice to be on a "hot set" again.  I love everything about the process and you met so many interesting people.  We shot the commercial during the storm and luckily the rain stopped by the time it came to shot our part.  I played a “Construction Worker.”  It’s part of the "Dodge Tough Campaign" and the truck was towing “Up to 16, 900 lbs. of Bricks and stone.”  Now keep in mind, the bricks were Styrofoam painted to look like bricks and stone.  It should start to air soon.  So that was a lot of fun!  Stay tuned for a couple of photos from the shoot.

I also worked a bit with my old company Educational Theatre Programs.  I went to Santa Maria to PCPA, (Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts), and I helped out with the mini auditions and they were truly mini considering only eight people showed up, but it was still worth while and to see all the up and coming talent is truly inspiring. 

I just confirmed the date for my read through of my latest screenplay and it is set for May 20th.   I am so proud and excited to hear this story jump off the pages.  I am truly looking forward to the rewriting stage to strengthen the story.  This is impossible without having a read through.  Having the action and dialogue come out of the mouths of professional actors makes you realize what’s working and what isn’t.

Alright, until next week…

~Write on, Kevin

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