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Music Video ~ Wise Innocence
Sunday, 16 August 2015
I am proud to announce I have been directing a music video for Alicia Mathewson for her new album Wise Innocence.  Thank you to my students who were cast in the video and a huge thank you to Michael Dubois for his amazing DP skills.  Stay tuned for the finished project in Sept. 2015.
My First Option
Saturday, 28 March 2015


Here is a link to a video blog about my first option.  Thank you all for the continued support.



Aligning of the Stars
Monday, 04 August 2014

There is something painful and beautiful about pursuing a dream.

The painful is when you follow your passions, prepare yourself for the moment of opportunity, and doors still shut in your face and lock behind you, so it seems.  At times, in the course of my 27 year pursuit, I’ve asked myself, “Why do I do this to myself?  I should just walk away.”

The beautiful part is realizing, time and time again, during those dark times, just how much the dream of doing what you love truly fills your soul; rewarding you with moments that make you feel alive, and you realize that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Since I have never actually quit pursuing my dream, I believe it would be more painful to stop, walk away and live in the land of what if’s.

My dream happens to revolve around the entertainment industry, and my experience is most people who have no idea about what it means to actually pursue a career in the industry often look at a career in the arts in two ways….. #1 if you are not famous…. #2 you must be a failure.  In other words, it’s all about being a “star”, being rich and famous, and hanging around the Hollywood elite. 

I have come to find that there is no black or white to having a career in the arts.  There is a way to live in the gray, never having to live in LA, and accomplishing things on your own terms.

On Monday July 28th, 2014 I had another paradigm shift in my life.  A moment where I felt like the universe opened up and the stars aligned in unification with my dreams.

Recently, I have completed my first indie feature film back2one.  The movie is entirely made up of my acting students.  I assembled a very small team of local artists who shared the same passion for movies, and we set out to make our own with very little resources.

To watch the film with everyone who helped me attain this dream brought forth indescribable feelings of overwhelming pride, joy, and a sense of peace and love.  We all did it.  Everyone who said “yes” to me jumped into this crazy dream of making a feature film. 

It was a powerful evening and even though the film is full of imperfections… the experience of observing the film together as a community was breathtaking.  I watched from the balcony, and as I looked down in the dimly lit hall, watching all the shadowy heads of my friends, my students looking up at a huge screen cheering, laughing, crying and supporting each other as the story progressed to the end credits was like watching a World Series.

What a sense of accomplishment.  We did it. 

What a gift it was for me and everyone involved.

Another surprise was when Oscar Winning actor Chris Cooper and his lovely wife Marianne Leone Cooper from the Sopranos walked in and sat among my students to watch my first feature indie film… to watch all my students follow their dreams. 

Again, there are no words to describe the energy in the hall, but electric comes to mind.

And from this experience, I am reminded once again that the end result is never the reward… the gifts come from doing, getting off one’s butt and doing the hard work of pursing a dream…. And dream.

That in itself is the reward and everything else is just icing on the cake.

I did not write a movie and ask over 100 people to get involved in hopes that Chris Cooper and his wife would come to our premiere.  I wrote it with the intention of having a showcase for everyone involved, a living and breathing resume if you will.
Another major alignment happened that same day, but I cannot talk about it at this time, but just know, I am currently in negotiations for my next project, but how fortuitous the timing was. 

So what can I say?

My mind is totally blown away, and I am so proud of all my students as they continue to get work in movies that come to MA, and cheering them on for the work they do in class which led to us making our first feature film.

I am proud to say I just don’t teach acting classes for film and TV…. I also make movies for them, and I cannot wait until the next one.

Rock on Lasit Talent and thank you all for saying yes!


Hello Summer of 2014
Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I am feeling beyond proud at this moment in my life and creative life.


This July 3rd I will be celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary to my Lovely Porcelain Doll, Melinda.  Our son was recently promoted to the ninth grade and our daughter is now in 7th grade.  My marriage is strong, and the family I have always dreamed about is a reality.


As I look back on the past year, and all the projects I have facilitated, a huge smile grows across my face. 


Creativity abounds. 


My wife and I teach a show choir, and we took the group on a tour to New York and they performed a piece from Ragtime – the Musical, and won First Place with an excellent rating.   My wife taught all the vocals, and I staged and choreographed the piece. 


Within one year, I directed, produced and choreographed West Side Story, and Guys and Dolls for Sandwich High School’s drama club, Knights Theatre Company.  I also directed and produced Night of the Living Dead which broke records with participation numbers of students for a fall show, and also to audiences as large as 300, and a nice profit as well! And the students also learned about View Points and how to apply professional makeup. 


I also continue to teach on camera acting classes for film and TV, and to date, I have trained over 3000 actors in New England, and many of them are working in the industry. This year, I am launching a new seminar titled Healing the Broken Art. 


My new company, Wishland Entertainment - LLC, has it’s first indie film premiering this summer, back2one, a drama about a washed up actor struggling to reconcile with his daughter while he realizes he’s missed out on the role of a lifetime ~ the role of a father. This indie film is now entered into film festivals throughout the country:  Rhode Island International Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival in New York, Catalina Film Festival in CA, and the New Hampshire Film Festival in NH.  A huge thank you to my amazing DP and Editor, William Somerby for getting the screeners done. 


In March, I had the opportunity to meet the owners of Komixx from the UK, with my producer Brian Frankish.  We met in Los Angeles, CA to discuss another property of mine titled Wishland.  Long short, the meeting was an inspiring discussion about all the possibilities regarding Wishland.  The two and a half hour meeting ended with a hand shake and an agreement to offer a proposal.    I am still waiting to hear from my entertainment lawyer in Santa Monica, CA.  I’ve never been so proud in my life to have the opportunity to explain what inspired me to write a piece about mortality and my life journey to find the immersive world.


I am getting ready to secure the premiere date for our screening of back2one with our cast and crew.  I hope to hear something soon from the movie theatre about a possible date.  I can’t wait to watch our first indie film with our cast and crew!  Go Lasit Talent!!


So, as you can see, life continues to inspire me, and I continue to create and get the work out there.  I am currently writing two new screenplays, which I plan on directing through Wishalnd Entertainment., LLC.


Here is to another great summer and more great news to come…

Goodbye 2013
Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I kiss another year goodbye, and I open my arms to embrace 2014.

Thank you 2013 for showing me patience, trust, and letting go…

For challenging me artistically, which in turn, challenged everyone else.

For giving me another year of memories, moments of laughter, love, and tears with my beautiful family.

Thank you 2013 for the 20th anniversary of marriage to my Porcelain Doll.  Every day I see just how blessed I truly am to have Melinda love me the way she does, unconditionally, with all my flaws and imperfections.  Through her love, I’ve created the family I’ve always dreamed of… and it’s mine… I remain humbled and grateful for my beautiful son and my beautiful daughter and wife…. And I can’t forget my loyal beagle, Bugsy.   I thank you Bugsy for helping me with my long walks to ease my mind and keep my health in order. 

Thank you 2013 for the gift of friendship on the east and west coast.

For the gift of family.  It was such a blessing to witness my cousin get married in New Port Beach, CA this past fall. 

Thank you 2013 for continued hope.  I remain grateful for the meetings I had in Los Angeles with CAA, Ben Watkins, and Brian Frankish.

Thank you 2013 to all my students/friends for your continued faith and support on this artistic journey of self- expression and humanity.

For all the dark and light moments of this beautiful and mysterious journey called life…

In return, to show my gratitude for such an epic year, I promise to live fully, authentically, and honestly in 2014.  I will embrace and savor each day I am given.

Here’s to more… 

More journeys, laughter, love, uncertainties, hopes, dreams, moments, friends, family, lesson’s learned, new mistakes, forgiveness, tears, healing, long walks by the ocean, another winter, spring, summer and fall.

Here’s to more seasons of my beautiful and unpredictable life adventure on this planet with the people I love and to all the new people I will meet in the coming year.

Get ready 2014. 

Because I’m ready to shine my life light into your heart!

Happy New Year!

~Kevin Lasit

2013... Still Alive and Kicking
Sunday, 06 January 2013


Happy New Year!  There is so much to be thankful for with 2012.  What a year.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a great one. 

A year in review:

• My screenplay was shopped around in Los Angeles, by producer Brian Frankish, to major directors, other producers and a publishing house in the UK which is an imprint of Random House.    This past summer was a roller coaster of emotions for me as we got momentum, and then it all came to a halt.  The good news is I just received an email from Brian a few days ago more meetings have been set up this month regarding the intellectual property. What a learning process this continues to be for me.  A lesson in trust and patience. 

• My first independent movie, Back 2 One, started principle photography on May 6th 2012, and we wrapped on December 14th.   Eight months with approximately 28 days of filming.  I spread it out pretty well so no one would get burned out.  I have learned so much from this epic experience, and I have so many people to thank from all my talented and generous students, to my amazing director of photography, William Somerby, and my angel of the entire production, Maria Green, who wore many hats from PA, to script supervisor, craft service organizer, and slate girl, and to my long time friend, Phil Olsen for all the website updates.  You rock, Bro.  Over 100 actors graced the film with their presence, and all were my students. I still have one more shot to film, but we are ready to start the arduous task of editing the 500+ gigs of footage in time for the festival circuit coming this summer and beyond.  Again, I can’t express just how grateful I am by everyone’s involvement, enthusiasm, love and support with this film.  I am so proud of everyone.  I learned so much, and I look forward to what will come from this experience.  I have a feeling that 2013 and 2014 will yield great results from this passion project.  The entire cast and crew remains excited for our premiere sometime this spring, and we all deserve to kick our feet up and celebrate our achievement.  This will be a beautiful film.  Thanks again to everyone.

• Our show choir, Sandwich SOUL, from Sandwich High School, continues to make a positive impact throughout the community.  We took the show choir on their first competition last spring, and they won first place with superior ratings.  This year, we are doing a medley from Les Mis and will be going to competition in June.  What a great bunch of kids!

• My dramatic scene study for on camera acting classes continues to inspire and fuel student’s artistic journey.   So many of them are landing work out in the field from student films, local commercials, TV spots, movies, voice over and print work.  It’s amazing to witness the amount of truth my student’s choose to reveal from week to week.  There has been artistic growth for each of my students, but what I am most proud of is how my classes seem to have a positive impact on them personally.  My philosophy is to take care of the real stuff first and then watch your artistry blossom.  I am so proud of each and everyone one of them.  True athletes of the heart.

• My family life:  This is the true source of my muse, my inspiration for everything in life.  What can I say?  We all continue to thrive in our still new community of Cape Cod after moving here from California back in 2008.  I am so proud of my two children.  Not only are they doing so amazing in school, but more importantly, they are respectful kids with huge hearts and are full of compassion.  My beautiful wife continues to make positive impact through her artistic journey as an amazing and talented music teacher inspiring high school kids to sing from their hearts. 

So that’s a quick recap of just a few events of last year.  What can I say?  I am blessed with a beautiful family, wife and children, our health, and we have some amazing friends who continue to support us on this life adventure.  We’ve been lucky to even spend time in California this past summer with my family in Livermore, CA.  I even had the opportunity to visit CA again this past November to honor my dear friend, Pastor Dan Spacek, when he asked me to facilitate the sermon for his installation for his new church in Auburn.  What an amazing year, it has been filled with so many wonderful moments of authentic connection with family and friends.  So when I stress out about life, and how I “wish” for my career to hit another level…. I take a breath and realize just how blessed my life truly is, and how much I have to be grateful for with this on-going life adventure and all the amazing people who are a part of that journey with me and my family.  

Thank you all for your continued support and friendship with the journey.

What to look forward to in 2013:

• I am directing and choreographing West Side Story for Sandwich High School.  We open in May. Stay tuned for updates.
• Competition with our show choir, Sandwich SOUL, in Connecticut.  We are performing Les Mis.
• My premiere of Back 2 One.  My first independent film.
• Entering film festivals throughout the nation.
• Continuing my book adaptation of one of my screenplays.
• A trip to CA in September (Business and family related).
• Celebrating my 20th anniversary of being married to my beautiful wife.  I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.
• A great summer with family and friends on Cape Cod!

Here’s to 2013!  Let this be a year full of more inspiration, creativity, positivity, peace, hope and love for all!

~Write on! Kevin Lasit

Screenwriting Seminar for kids ~ Summer Fun
Monday, 01 October 2012

This past summer was filled with so much inspiration from teaching my screenwriting seminar at the Sandwich Library and to filming all through the summer on my feature indie movie, Back 2 One.

Click here to read about the Sandwich Library partnership. Thank you Kathy Johnson and the Sandwich Public Library.  I had a blast.

What the Movies Mean to Me
Friday, 17 August 2012

Going to the Movies.
Prospective from a serious moviegoer

By Kevin Lasit

It’s difficult to describe why I love movies so much and the entire experience of going to the movies, but I will do my best to let you in to that portion of my heart and the magic it creates for me.

The experience begins as soon as I walk into the cinema or theater.  It’s the smell of the fresh popcorn and that fake butter permeating throughout the lobby like a thick blanket of love.  Going to a movie isn’t a true movie experience unless I have my large bucket of popcorn and large cherry coke.  This is a must, although some movies only deserve a box of Swedish Fish, Red Vines, and a can of cherry coke.

Now it’s that long walk down the hallway to the sanctuary which will harbor my dreams and ignite my passions.  I even love that mosaic colored carpet that leads you into the theater.  The patterns weave in and out like anything is possible.   It’s like a trail to buried treasure or a hidden club house.  It’s my “yellow brick road” to Oz. 

I enter the sanctuary of possibilities, and it’s dim, and the floor is sticky; okay, I hate that part, but the good news is I’m always early enough so I don’t miss the silly trivia slide show or previews of up and coming movies.  (I can do without all the lame commercials).  The previews are sometimes better than the main feature, so you better get there in time to watch them.

 Finding the right seat is of the utmost importance.  This can make or break the entire experience for a serious moviegoer.

My advice:

1. Stay away from people who have their feet propped up on the chair in front of them like they are sitting in their own family room. 
2. Stay away from people texting or playing video games on their cell phones.
3. If you are in a rated R movie, stay away from the couple that brought their three-week old baby or five year old child. (You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all seen it.  What the hell are they thinking taking a child to a rated R movie?)
4. On the other hand, if you are in a G or PG, or PG-13 movie, plant yourself right smack dab in the middle of the target audience to get the full impact of the movie, but still heed advice number 1 and 2.
5. Find a chair that isn’t broken or reclines too far back like the rocking chair from hell.
6. Find the aisle that is less sticky.
7. Up and center is where you’ll find me sitting with my large popcorn and large cherry coke, and Swedish Fish/ Red Vines.
8. Find a chair with a cup holder that isn’t broken.
9. Make sure the temperature is just right before the movie starts, and if not, tell the management.
10. If for some reason the movie is out of focus, get up IMMEDIATELY to fix the issue.  If you wait for someone else to do it, you will miss more of the movie.

The trailers or previews are so exciting.  It’s like a game.  I like to try and guess what the movie is before the title is even mentioned.  Sometimes the damn preview gives out too much information, and you can get the entire story from the trailer…. that really pisses me off.  My family and I give thumbs up or thumbs down after each trailer based on the preview of what we will choose to see in the future.  Let’s face it, not every movie requires the full cinematic experience, hell, some don’t even deserve the “checking out at the library experience.”

My bonus advice:

 #11  - If for some reason, the person next to you spontaneously sparks up a conversation with their friend during the opening credits, get up and find another seat.  You can attempt to “shush” them, but you only risk pissing them off for interrupting their “important” conversation.

Okay, the previews are over and now for the main feature:

The magic begins…

I can sit back and escape into another world.  The thoughts that consumed my mind are no longer an issue, because for an hour and a half or two hours, I can be somewhere else.  I can be someone else in space, fighting off zombies, falling in love, being terrorized, laughing my ass off, crying my eyes out, or watching in awe as the storytellers weave their magic into my heart.  After all, it is a safe place, it’s dark and no one can see me.  It all comes down to the power of specific storytelling and making an impact on my heart, my soul, my existence.  Yes, I sometimes go to the movies to validate my existence, to be reminded of what it means to be alive, to be on this journey, to make choices and take chances, and to be a hero and save the day.  There’s no doubt that movies wield a special magic, and I am so thankful I can still go see a movie during these economic struggles to bring me hope and to reignite my passions and dreams.

Of course, not all movies have this power.  But for the movies that do, they have the ability to yank you out of your chair and suck you right into the celluloid, as if you are a part of the film like a second skin, and you know what I’m talking about if you have a favorite movie, that one movie you can watch over and over again and find new discoveries.  That one movie that’s like a reliable friend who will never let you down, break your trust or hurt you and will always be there for you to lift your spirits.  Yes, movies are magic, and magic is vital to the storyteller who can craft a story that makes an impact on your soul, and that’s why I love going to the movies.

So the event that took place on July 20th in Colorado will leave my soul… my heart forever broken.

Like I just explained, movies have always been my safe haven, my sanctuary of peace, hope and inspiration.  I find it so sad that we actually live in a nation where this type of thing can happen.  It’s taken me a while to gather my thoughts about what happened and attempt to write something.  I can’t even begin to imagine the horror those people experienced.

If there was ever a reason to be a filmmaker, this event certainly will surely fuel my passions even more to create movies and stories that impact the human heart in a more positive way and leave people feeling uplifted and inspired.  I want to fill the screen with an abundance of love and vulnerable humanity.

I am mature enough to understand that darkness is necessary in order to find the light, and I will not shy away from conflict within my stories, but trust me… my characters WILL discover the light.   There will be redeeming values at the core of every story I weave. 

We have a responsibility as filmmakers and storytellers to reveal the human condition, not only in the darkness, but more so in the light.  Especially, in this day and age!  With all of our technology, tablets, cell phones and computers, we’re all looking down or up at screens ignoring the person right next to us. 

It’s human interaction where story truly begins, and if we aren’t truly communicating with one another face to face, we will surely lose a part of our humanity and sense of story, a sense of ourselves. 

It’s no wonder why a 24 year old can even fathom to walk into a movie theatre and kill innocent people.  Not only are people becoming socially crippled, but the entertainment industry isn’t providing quality movies with positive stories, characters… or new heroes, and I’m not talking about a Spiderman reboot. 

Growing up, a few of my movie heroes were Luke Skywalker, Rudy, Elliot from E.T., Conrad from Ordinary People, the man who heard a soft voice telling him, “If you build it, he will come,” and a little green frog sitting on a lily pad with a banjo singing about a rainbow connection, just to name a few. 

The good news is Hollywood is truly reactive, so all it takes is one brave producer/filmmaker to take a chance on something new that tells a story of hope and puts the human experience at the forefront. 

This will happen. It’s going to change for the better.  The storytellers of our world will make things right again on screen which will bring hope and inspiration to a new generation.

But for now, my prayers and heart will always be with the families and the entire community of Aurora, Colorado, and every time I enter a movie theatre, I will always remember those brave people who lost their lives while trying to escape the darkness of reality and ignite their imaginations. 

Remain inspired and write on!
Kevin Lasit

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I will be teaching a FREE screenwriting seminar for ages 12-18 (grades 7 -12) on Saturday July 28th at the Sandwich Public Library.   Click here to register.  Scroll down to July 28th for the link.

-Write on!  Kevin Lasit

Children's On Camera Workshop
Saturday, 24 March 2012

On camera acting classes for children with KEVIN LASIT!

Sign up now.

Screenwriting Seminar ~ A WORLD OF STORY
Sunday, 05 February 2012

New date for Kevin's Screenwriting Seminar in partnership with Loretta LaRoche Productions - MARCH 11TH, 2012 IN KINGSTON


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